...are you ready to learn about Water Safety?  Great!  Let's go...Water Safety is so fun in the pool, or lake, or tub...

Water Safety with Swimmy was written by Coach Caron to supplement her Water Safety for Children program when she couldn't find a good children's book that taught simple rules for being safer around the water.  This book is great for anyone who is going to spend time around the water.

-Excerpt from the book ​Water Safety with Swimmy  which teaches the 10 water safety rules everyone should follow to be safer around the water in a fun, easy-to-learn manner.

Water Safety with Swimmy

Meet Author Carolanne Caron

Our own Coach Caron appeared as a special guest on Gate City Chronicles!  She spoke about her books “Water Safety with Swimmy” and “Swimmy’s Water Safety Coloring Book” as well as how to be safer around the water. Watch the August 2016 interview here.